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The diary industry in canada is changing.
We’re changing with it.

The general public has advocated for more natural farm environments that put animal welfare at the forefront. At the same time, changing market and industry demands are placing increasing pressure on farmers and their businesses to increase production, urging higher levels of input with little to no increase in profit returns. This places extreme strain on Canadian farmers to meet both demands while also remaining economically feasible. This is where WELL-E steps in. Research shows that welfare and longevity (i.e. life expectancy) often go hand in hand, and improving both may help to better the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of dairy farming. Our goal is to use artificial intelligence and remote sensing in order to predict changes in longevity and welfare sooner and more reliably, instead of waiting for the visible onset of symptoms, as well as to aid in on-farm decisions. This prioritizes the long-term success of individual animals and of the farms that house and take care of them.